Garry's Mod

How Garry's Mod kick started my love for Game Development/Programming

In the last 5 years I have been creating Garry's mod content as a modder of the game I can say that this is what cemented the love for Game Dev and here is why.

Growing up I have a love for creating things and breaking things that other people had done. While my code was awful I am going to show some of them

5 years ago I started making a HUD/UI for a gamemode called DarkRP this was a roleplaying gamemode which allowed people to play as jobs and make money. This is the code for that

I have come a long way and while a lot of what I have done is lost in the void I can remember writing this code and feeling so proud the same proud I feel when I look back at what I have done recently.

3 years down the line I am still coding lua scripts but this time I am getting the hang of it properly and allowing myself to make custom content that people wanted so I made a github with my most wanted scripts even going as far as making some of them public on the steam workshop.

I am very thankful for the route that I have taken over the past 5/6 years and I am hoping to keep going.