Hi, I'm Joshua Mobley

Tools Engineer
C++ Programmer
C# Programmer
Games Developer

Hello, I am Josh

Games Developer from the UK

A 24-year-old working at Flix Interactive working on Sea of Thieves.

In my spare time, I work on games and game jams to further my knowledge of games and designing games, currently this is making my own game with a friend. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1807570/Idle_Fields/

My Resume (CV)

My Skills:

Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio

My Experiences

July 2023 – Present

Flix Interactive

Junior Engineer

Currently working on Sea of Thieves as a Junior Engineer.
Using C++ and Unreal Engine to create and maintain features for the game.

2021 – 2022

Playground Games

Associate Engineer

For my University Placement, I worked on creating and maintaining internal toolsets for Playground Games on the Fable project.
I was a part of the internal tools team that was responsible for maintaining and creating all of our tools
While working on these toolsets I developed knowledge about C# and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to improve the tools for the content creators.
Throughout my time working on Fable I worked with content creators to improve the tools that they would be using every day, this involved talking to them about the workflows that they were using, implementing better ways around tasks and fixing bugs that are preventing them from working on their work.
While updating/creating features these would have to be documented to allow for other people to use the features correctly after they had been implemented.

September 2019 – April 2023

Staffordshire University

2nd Year Computer Games Development Student

Year 4:
Final year project, making an MMO backend that supports server sharding
Mobile Game Development, making a kid’s friendly puzzle game inspired by fruit ninja
Game Mechanic Programming, making a quest system for designers within unreal engine using C++
Studio Sim, making a game and an engine with a group of 9 people to simulate the process of making a game in a studio environment

Year 3:
Playground-Games Placement

Year 2:
Unity C# Tower defence game with a military theme which incorporates online multiplayer.
Unity C# Game which is aimed to recreate Mario Kart which incorporates AI.
In C# write a concurrent network application that allows you to send messages and play a simple game.

Year 1:
Learning C++ basics and writing our own engine with the help of the SDL2 framework.
Using C++ knowledge to write an OpenGL engine to display and interact with items within a scene.
Recreate Pac-man within C++ using FreeGLUT.

December 2018

Light Game

College Game Jam

Light game was my first experience of making a full prototype in unreal in under 48 hours.
It was a round-based survival game where you had to defend again the dark enemies with your light axe.
You could use the credits that you acquired throughout the game by killing the enemies to upgrade your skills
We even threw in a fire turret for good measure just in case you couldn't kill them.
This was a team game jam so my job was to program the game and "stick" the parts together that the artist(s) had made.
This came first place in my college Game Jam.

December 2017


College Game Jam

This was a remake of a GameJam that I made within college. It was a 2d 1v1 local multiplayer arena fighter.
This was a team game jam so my job was to program the game and "stick" the parts together that the artist(s) had made.
The game took multiple controller inputs and assigned them to the correct player which allowed them to play.
This came second place in my college Game Jam.

September 2016 – September 2019

Banbury and Bicester College

Level 3 | Games Development and Coding
Level 2 | Information Technology

Here I learnt a lot of the fundamentals of making a game and what makes them good.
Within college I learnt a lot of the fundamentals of games development including asset creation using 3DS Max, animations, basics of scripting using construct 2 and sound creation.
A lot of this course was learning about how things worked not how to use them.

September 2013 – Present

Personal projects - Garry's Mod

This was my kickstart into the games industry.
Creating custom content for servers with the main language being Lua taught me a lot about the fundamentals of coding and optimisation.
Some of the content even being viewed by thousands of people really solidified that I wanted to join the games industry as a career.

Past Project

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Future work

If you like the above work be sure to contact me on the form below or on any of the social media links listed.

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